Events are important and very close to Asmodee's heart. We can’t wait for physical events large and small to resume, where we can share the joy of playing with and showing boardgames to the world.  
In the midst of an uncertain health situation in 2021 despite vaccine acceleration, we continue to take the health and safety of our employees, partners and players at heart.
As a result, we have made the call to opt out from physically participating at SPIEL in Essen this year. This applies to Asmodee Group, studios and Asmodee Germany.
There is no greater joy than spending time on playing our games with you, but due to uncertain health situation in 2021 we want to make sure everybody is staying safe and healthy.
So shortly saying we will not be physically participating at SPIEL in Essen this year.
We hope to see you all in person for hours of play as soon as the situation allows!