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Klink (2024)

Keep cards or pass them? Which choice will give you a lower total?

Klink is a game of numbers and push your luck packed with interaction and emotions in a portable box. On your turn, take two cards from the deck, look at one of them, then decide whether to keep the cards or offer them to another player; if you offer them, that player can look at one card of their choice, then keep the cards, or offer them to someone else. If the final player is being offered the card, they must keep them. Whoever ends up with the cards takes the next turn. You aim for the lowest points, trying

Meadow: Adventure Book

Meadow: Adventure Book (2024)

Explore new ways of playing Meadow and join the adventure!

Meadow: Adventure Book is a story-based experience where you will explore journeys through different scenarios contained in a beautifully illustrated book. It is a hybrid product combining features of notebook and board game, that can be played as legacy-like experience with scenarios building up a campaign. Is a continuation of highly appreciated style of Karolina Kijak.

Avel: the Card Game

Avel: the Card Game (2024)

new cooperative adventure in the Avel universe

Avel: the Card game is a standalone card-base game that will be a next step after Chronicles of Avel. It is a cooperative game designed to be a introduction to deck building in adventurous style. The game is divided in scenarios with increasing difficulty, various goals and a story to experience. This title will be a perfect fit for RPG lovers, families looking for a bonding adventure experience and Chronicles of Avel fans.