Let me take you on a journey to the year 2075. Just as soon as they took control of the world, cats set their sights on a new frontier - space! The crème de la crème of feline specialists now compete for cosmic dominance, with their determination unmatched even by the lack of opposable thumbs. It's a fierce race, filled with catnip-fueled shenanigans and rockets that go boom! Who will emerge victorious in this epic race, claim their paws on the infinite treasures of the Milky Way, and become the true cosmic conquerors?

MLEM: Space Agency is a family board game where you step into the shoes of fearless captains of cosmic expeditions. But hold on, these aren't your ordinary explorers - they're cats! These intrepid felines have long conquered the Earth with their unmatched bravery, and now they've set their sights on conquering the entire cosmos. However, their clumsiness might lead to some purrfectly chaotic cat-astrophes. Take the helm of a cosmic rocket, reach for the stars, or trust your cat instincts and bail out before things go up in flames. Fame and admiration from the entire meowing world await the most exceptional leader of the feline space agency. Get ready for an adventure that's out of this world!

What makes MLEM: Space Agency unique?

  • Strategy & fun mixed with cats in space: Get ready for a game that combines t ension, compet ition, and laughter! With strategic gam eplay set in a world of cats in space, fun takes precedence over points. The easy-to-learn rules ensure ev eryone can join in, keeping guests entertained and fo stering a sense of togetherness. It's addicting and will keep kids entertained for hours!
  • Roll your dice on a quality roll-up playmat: Experience top-notch quality and amazing table presence with the roll-up mat. Despite the small box, it delivers great value at an affordable price. Plus, who can resist the adorable cats in space theme? It's a visual delight!
  • Cute cats in space: Unleash the party vibes with this game created by fan-favorite Reiner Knizia. It serves as an engaging starter for game nights, appealing to animal lovers, cat owners, kids, and anyone who enjoys playing with friends. It's family-friendly and suitable for all ages and experience levels.
  • Animal lovers, cat owners, family and friends: Calling all Knizia fans! This game is a must-have for you. It also caters to a wide audience, from young kids to experienced players. Parents will appreciate its accessibility and experienced gamers will appreciate Knizia's trademark strategic depth. Prepare for the next addition to your game collection!

Fulfill achievements and watch your interstellar reputation soars!

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