A dark shadow has fallen upon the Slavic lands. The powerful amulet of Slavika, which has protected the inhabitants since the death of the prince, is now powerless. The ruler's only child, his daughter, is still too young to bind herself with the amulet and take on the family burden. A few months remain until the day of the ritual – and until the daughter of the prince fills the amulet with her lifeforce, the ruling families themselves must protect the population against the evil creeping out of the swamps and caves. The family which best performs this task will gain the privilege of marrying one of their sons to the young princess, who will soon be bound to the amulet and will possess the tremendous power of Slavika.
In Slavika, players are the heads of powerful families in the fantastic world of Slavika. Each player has six heroes, who will be sent to different regions, where they will fight monsters threatening the villagers. The more a player's heroes help defeat the monsters, the more glory is won for their family. The game lasts several months, until the princess is able to complete the ritual and renew the power of the amulet. At that time the family with the most glory points earns the right to the hand of the princess and wins the game.



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